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Atomic Neox 412 Bindings

If you are interested in the excellent and popular line of Atomic Metron skis, you are pretty much locked into Atomic bindings - specifically the NEOX line of bindings, the 412 or 614. Fortunately, these NEOX binding are comparable in quality, design, and peformance to the other leading bindings on the market from Marker and others.Downsides: Price and weight. they seem to me to be quite heavy. I purchased the 2006 model, which is supposed to be 1 pound lighter than the 2005 model. I can't imagine how heavy the 2005 model must have felt. Mine are mounted on Atomic M:11 skis. Together they make an excellent (if heavy) setup. Ease of operation is exactly like any other high-end binding. Steering and power transmission from my boots to the skis is excellent. My experience with the release/retention has been predictable and reliable.The Model numbers (614, 412) equate to DIN settings. The overall design is pretty much identical between both models. The 412 has DIN ratings from 4 to 12. The 614 from 6 to 14. So, the 614 has heavier-duty springs for heavier-duty skiers. I set my DIN at 7.5 to 8. So that puts me right smack in the middle of the 412 range. That's where you're supposed to be. Right in the middle of the binding's range. So although I consider myself to be a very aggressive, advanced skier, I wouldn't shell out the extra dough for the 614 model.Most ski companies seem to be locking us into their own brand of binding. If you want Atomic skis, you're stuck with Atomic bindings. In this case, it's not such a bad thing.Could you mount this binding on another flat ski? I believe you could. However, I would guess that you could find a lighter, less expensive binding that would do the job just as well.

Atomic Neox 412 Bindings

Look carefully at the pictured brake profile after removing your own brake to determine the correct compatibility. The Neox TL model brake has a metal tag behind the plastic body which holds the mounting screw when attached to the binding. Please view the picture below to determine if the TL Neox is the correct model brake for your Atomic bindings.

Description: The recall affects the heel components of the following Atomic alpine ski bindings: Race 310, Race 412, RaceRace 310, RaceRace 412, Xentrix 310, Xentrix 311, Xentrix 412, C310, C311, C412, CR 310, CR 412, R 310, R 412, SX 310, SX 412, Device 311, Device 412, Centro 310, Centro 412, and Dynamic ADX 312, RD10, X412, Centro 412. The recall includes only those bindings manufactured from 1998 through 2002 The year of manufacture can be located on the underside of the heel lever.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Atomic Ski USA toll-free at (888) 535-7555 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. MT Monday through Friday; e-mail; or visit the firm's Web site at: -us/contact.

Remember that the ultimate determination of whether or not a shop will work on a binding is the opinion of the technician. This list is provided ONLY to show which bindings the manufacturers are still supporting through liability indemnification.

The Ultimate Determination of whether or not a shop will work on a binding is the opinion of the technician. This list is provided ONLY to show which bindings the manufacturers are still supporting through liability indemnification.

For sale--1 pair Atomic Sugar Daddy skis--163 CM. Dimensions are 121-98-113. I skied on these only a few times. Mounted only once, no bindings included. Slight rust on edges from storage but should be fine with tune. Selling as is. Please take a look at the photos. ...

I have a pair of 174 cm Atomic Snoop Daddy skis with Atomic Neox 412 bindings that adjust to most boot sizes (DIN 4-12). This is a great all mountain skis for intermediate to advanced skiers. The skis are in very good condition top and bottom. Sidecut specs are 125/88/111 (R 20.5m).I also ha ...

Atomic Sugar Daddy with Marker Dowbhill bindings. This is 183 cm powder ski, dimensions 125-99-117. Only mounted once, haven't been skied for several years. Great powder ski setup, will rip crude and groomers as well.Email or text me for details. ...

Nice atomic sugar daddy skis. Bases look good ( no deep scratches or core shots) . Top sheets look used but far from beat up. Would make a really nice pair of rock skis or a nice one quiver ski. These have only been mounted once ...

Why do you care if a binding is still indemnified? Because if you buy skis with non-indemnified bindings, you probably won't find a shop willing to adjust them for you. If you do find a shop that will work on old bindings, they will make you sign a hold harmless form.

The ski and snowboard industry is relying on its collective lack of foresight and overwhelming sense of paranoia to not publish an indemnified bindings list for the general public this season. Rather than educate customers, the industry is keeping this information secret. Once again we expect to see a surge in past skiers who have no clue what indemnification is all about, and since it is all a big secret, will quickly learn to distrust retailers.

Older Head bindings indemnified by Tyrolia: FREEFLEX PRO 20 (X) RD, FREEFLEX PRO 20 (X) RS, FREEFLEX PRO 18 (X) Sale, FREEFLEX PRO 16 (X) RD, GTO 15, FREEFLEX PRO 16, FREEFLEX PRO 14, FREEFLEX PRO 12, FREEFLEX PRO 11, FREEFLEX PLUS 17, FREEFLEX PLUS 14, FREEFLEX PLUS 11, MOJO 20 (X), MOJO 18 (X), MOJO 15, MOJO 12, MOJO 11, MOJO 7.5, PRD 14, PRD 12, PR 11, POWER 14 D, POWER 12 D, POWER 11, LR 7.5, LR 4.5, RFD 14, RFD 14 DEMO, RFD 12, RFD 11 DEMO, RF 11, RFL 7.5, RFL 4.5, LX 12, SX 10, LD 12 CYBER, LD 12, SL 110 ABS, SL 100, MYA 12 PRD, MYA 10 PR, MYA 9 LR, ONE POWER 12 D, ONE RF 11, ONE LR 10, ONE RF 9, ONE LR 9, ONE LD 12, ONE SL 90, GOLD THANG 12 LD, SURE THANG 9 RF, LITE THANG 9 RFL, SL 90 ABS JR RACE, SL 75 ABS, SL 75, SL 70 AC, SL 45.

NOTED Products requiring Inspection: 2011/12 -- PX 12 Demo, PX 12 Demo XXL, PX 12 Demo Wide, NX12 Demo medium, NX 10 Demo, NX 10 Demo2 +, Nova 7 Demo2, Nova 7 Demo2 sys pack, SMU TEAM DEMO SYS 140-150. If you have any of these bindings, take them to an authorized Look dealer for a free inspection.

Marker recall: Marker Components 12.0 TC Comp EPS in white/red, 12.0 Free with 90 or 110 mm ski brake in black/black, 12.0 TC Glide Control in black/anthracite, sold only in Switzerland; 12.0 TC Comp D System in white/black, sold only in Germany. Also V0lkl Motion Systems iPT R 12.0 D in black/black/red and yellow, sold with V0lkl Racetiger GS and SL Powerswitch skis; rMotion 12.0 D in white/red, sold with V0lkl Racetiger GS and SL Speedwall skis; and sMotion 12.0 TC and 12.0 TC D in black/silver, sold with V0lkl Racetiger RC and SC PSi skis. This recall is limited to 2010-2011 models with Twin Cam heel and a maximum release/retention setting of 12.0. According to the company, these bindings are being recalled because the steel springs in the heel pieces of some bindings may crack or break, resulting in reduced release/retention settings.

EU WARNING (Marker): On 5 February 2007, the European Commission issued a warning to all EU national consumer authorities regarding a serious risk of injury...concerns Marker Demo ski bindings, model M1 11.0 D, item number 6778F1SE...affixed to Apache Outlaws, Recons, Crossfires, Stryker and Moto Cross K2 skis. The notified bindings present a serious risk of injury to consumers because in certain circumstances the lever can release when kicked or knocked by the user, allowing the boot fittings to move on their track. This may result in injury due to an untimely release of the boots from the skis. Four accidents in the US and one in the UK have been reported until now. The ski binding is adaptable to a variety of boot sizes for use primarily in rental applications. The adjustable front and back boot fittings are locked into place on a track by way of a lever at the rear of the mounting.Beyond this, we find the following bindings as current, according to Marker's website:

More about Salomon: According to their website, Salomon says: "Older models of Salomon bindings no longer on the Schedule of Indemnified Bindings may still be serviced, however Liability Indemnification will not be offered by Salomon for these models of bindings. Dealers wishing to service these models of bindings can reduce their liability risk by requiring an additional waiver and release agreement and attaching it to the Workshop Form. Such waivers should be reviewed by a dealer's own legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable laws. 350c69d7ab


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