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Draupadi Book by Yarlagadda: A Must-Read Ebook for Indian Mythology Lovers

Draupadi Book by Yarlagadda Ebook Download: A Review

If you are interested in Indian mythology, especially the epic Mahabharata, you might want to check out Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook download. This is a novel written by Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, an Indian writer and politician who received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2010 for this work. The novel is a retelling of the story of Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandava brothers and one of the most important female characters in the Mahabharata.

draupadi book by yarlagadda ebook download


Who is Draupadi?

Draupadi is a complex and fascinating character who has inspired many interpretations and adaptations over the centuries. She is not born of a woman's womb, but emerges from a fire sacrifice performed by her father, King Drupada. She is destined to marry the five Pandava brothers, who are the rightful heirs to the throne of Hastinapura, but are exiled by their cousins, the Kauravas. Draupadi accompanies her husbands through their trials and tribulations, including a 13-year exile in the forest and a year of disguise in another kingdom. She is also subjected to humiliation and abuse by the Kauravas, who try to disrobe her in public after they win her in a rigged dice game. However, she is saved by Lord Krishna, who miraculously extends her garment and protects her honor.

What is Draupadi book by Yarlagadda about?

Draupadi book by Yarlagadda is a novel that explores the inner life and emotions of Draupadi, as well as her relationships with her husbands, her mother-in-law Kunti, her rival Karna, and her friend Krishna. The novel portrays Draupadi as a strong and independent woman who has her own opinions and desires. She is not a passive victim of fate, but an active agent who influences the course of events. She is also a human being who has flaws and weaknesses, such as jealousy, pride, anger, and lust. The novel does not shy away from depicting the sexual aspects of Draupadi's life, which are often glossed over or censored in other versions of the story.

Why should you read Draupadi book by Yarlagadda?

Draupadi book by Yarlagadda is a novel that offers a fresh and realistic perspective on one of the most iconic characters in Indian literature. It challenges the conventional stereotypes and expectations that surround Draupadi and reveals her as a complex and multidimensional person. It also provides insights into the culture and society of ancient India, as well as the moral and ethical dilemmas that arise from the epic war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. The novel is written in a simple and engaging style that makes it easy to read and understand.

How to download Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook?

If you want to read Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook, you have several options to download it. One of them is to buy it on Amazon, where you can get the paperback or the Kindle edition. You can also find it on Goodreads, where you can read reviews and ratings from other readers. Another option is to visit Logili Telugu Books, where you can order the book online and get it delivered to your address. You can also download a PDF version of the book from Microsoft Sway, where someone has uploaded it for free.

What are the benefits of reading Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook?

Reading Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook can have many benefits for you. First of all, you can enjoy a captivating and thrilling story that will keep you hooked until the end. You can also learn more about the culture and history of ancient India, as well as the values and beliefs of the people who lived in that time. You can also improve your vocabulary and comprehension skills, as the book is written in simple and clear language. Moreover, you can develop your critical thinking and analytical abilities, as the book raises many questions and issues that require reflection and discussion.

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What are the challenges of reading Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook?

Reading Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook can also have some challenges for you. One of them is that the novel is controversial and has faced criticism and protests from some groups who consider it offensive and disrespectful to Draupadi and Hindu culture. The novel depicts Draupadi as a sexual being who has feelings for Karna, the enemy of the Pandavas, and who questions the morality of Krishna, her divine protector. The novel also portrays some of the other characters in a negative light, such as Kunti, who is shown as a manipulative and selfish mother, and Duryodhana, who is shown as a sympathetic and misunderstood villain. Some readers may find these depictions shocking and disturbing, and may disagree with the author's interpretation of the epic.

How to enjoy Draupadi book by Yarlagadda ebook?