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DEAD DOOR BEHAVIOR - Saliva Commandos Original Mix

Leaving the battle, Vader reentered the castle while the Mustafarians continued their attack. Upon returning to the locus, he used the Force to unleash a devastating attack, wiping out the rest of the Mustafarians. Vader was then met in combat by Momin, who mocked Vader for thinking he could control the dark side. As he chastised the Dark Lord for his ignorance about the Force, Vader used the Force to ram Momin with a rock, crushing his new body and killing him. With Momin dead, Vader finally opened the door and stepped inside.[258]

DEAD DOOR BEHAVIOR - Saliva Commandos Original Mix

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Finally, Vader found himself on a balcony with a vision of Amidala standing before him. Vader, now in the form of Anakin Skywalker, told Amidala to come with him. However, Amidala simply told him that Anakin Skywalker was dead before leaping from the balcony. Vader screamed in agony as the specter of Amidala was destroyed by a bolt of lightning. He then saw a beacon of blue light in the distance. Within the beacon was a figure who activated a blue lightsaber, pushing Vader back and returning him to his body. After awakening in the castle and retrieving his lightsaber, Vader destroyed the dark side locus, sealing off the door,[257] because he was unable to restore his wife.[259] 041b061a72


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