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Environmental Law, Crime, And Justice !!LINK!! Download

This multidisciplinary minor offers students a theoretical and applied course of study in environmental justice, an emerging interdisciplinary field. It is designed for students seeking an increased involvement in the government and community life. The minor provides a solid foundation for those pursuing a graduate degree in Environmental Law as well as careers in federal, state and local agencies. Environmental Justice is increasingly among the considerations of both government policy makers and community organization.

Environmental Law, Crime, and Justice download

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Environmental crime is the fourth-largest criminal activity in the world, growing at a rate of between 5 % and 7 % per year, according to an Interpol and UN Environment Programme estimate. This increase, combined with the organised, transnational nature of environmental crime, requires administrative, law enforcement and judicial authorities to adopt a coordinated approach at both national and international level.

Core Criminal Justice courses include classes on theories of criminal behavior, criminal justice institutions, criminal justice research methods, and the criminal justice process. These courses are designed to give students an advanced understanding of crime, the criminal justice system, and contemporary criminal justice reform. Criminal justice majors must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average overall and in the major.


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